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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The GAIA Editorial Board and Advisory Board

The members of the GAIA Editorial Board and Advisory Board are drawn from University of California academic and research units devoted to global, international, and area studies. Editorial Board members represent a broad range of disciplines and regions of specialization, and come from across UC's ten campuses. All publications are peer-reviewed according to standards set by the Editorial and Advisory boards, and the Editorial Board is periodically reviewed and approved by the Editorial Board of the University of California Press.

The GAIA Editorial Board

Andrew Apter, UCLA
Victoria Bernal, UC Irvine
Mark Bevir, UC Berkeley
Edmund Burke III, UC Santa Cruz
Ellen Comisso, UC San Diego
Charles Faulhaber, UC Berkeley
Miles Kahler, UC San Diego
John Lie, UC Berkeley
David Simpson, UC Davis
Smriti Srinivas, UC Davis
Steven Topik, UC Irvine
Michael Urban, UC Santa Cruz
R. Bin Wong, UCLA

The GAIA Advisory Board

Catherine Candee, Executive Director, Strategic Publishing and Broadcast Initiatives, University of California, Office of the President
Nathan MacBrien, Publications Director, International and Area Studies, UC Berkeley
Mark Bevir, Professor of Political Science and Chair, GAIA Editorial Board, UC Berkeley
Lynne Withey, Director, University of California Press