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Human Rights - Call for papers

General Issue on Human Rights

Special Topic: Andean and Amazonian Perspectives on Eco-Social Human Rights

Deadline extended: Friday, January 31, 2020

Mester XLIX welcomes submissions from transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches related to human

rights. Additionally, we are seeking submissions focused on Andean and Amazonian perspectives on eco-social

human rights for a Special Topic. Both regions are underlined here as “intangible zones” (Gomez-Barris 2017) whose

visibility/survival is becoming key to build strategies against the current climate war produced by Capitalocene. This

special section will allow us to map different discourses and other ways of thinking about eco-social human rights from

indigenous points of view, contributing to the construction of an alternative history beyond the European tradition to

enrich the contemporary debate on the rights of Pachamama in Latin America. We also welcome testimonies to be

included in the Special Topic.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to: colonial discourses and images on human rights in the Americas;

proto-ecological discourses and sensibilities in 19th and early 20th century Latin American cultural production;

representations of labor struggle in spatialities produced by extractive capitalism; representations of identity, nationhood,

and industrial capitalism in literature, film, and other arts; human rights violations related to gender, sexuality, class, and

race; contemporary feminist movements; LGBTQ social movements; contemporary rural and indigenous activisms;

globalization, migration, and global justice; social and spatial justice (sovereignties); anti-globalization, anti-war,

environmental, and anti-corporations movements; drug trafficking and the rise of narco-states; human trafficking;

extractivist violence and the recognition of the rights of Pachamama; human rights abuses in totalitarian regimes in the

20th and 21th centuries, etc.

Articles may be written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Publication decisions are made through double-blind

peer review and based on the quality of the submission. Please ensure that all submissions adhere to the guidelines and

conventions set forth by the current edition of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Manual. Manuscripts

should have no fewer than fifteen (15) and no more than twenty-five (25) double-spaced pages (3750-8000 words),

including endnotes and works cited. Manuscripts should be double-spaced at size 12-point Times New Roman. Please

see the following link for submission guidelines:;view=submissionguidelines

Texts must be submitted electronically via eScholarship and will be indexed in the MLA International

Bibliography. To read former issues of Mester and to begin the submission process, visit Mester on eScholarship:

Please forward any questions to: Barbara Galindo, Editor-in-Chief,