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Content Notes

  • For Volume 15 it is unknown if any issues were published beyond what is available in this archive;
  • For Volume 16, it appears that the Pocket Docket replaced The Docket for the second half of the 1971/72 academic term;
  • There appear to have been no student news publications for the 1972/73 and 1973/74 academic years (i.e., no volumes 17 & 18 of The Docket);
  • Student newspaper publication resumed in the 1974/75 term with the Cross Examiner;
  • The Docket resumed publication in the 1975/76 term with the out of sequence volume 24;
  • Volume 36 #6 was not printed (or was mistakenly printed as #7);
  • The library is missing Volume 37 #5;
  • The library is missing Volume 38 #6.