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Adult Learners and the Environment in the Last Century: An Historical Analysis of Environmental Adult Education Literature

Environmental adult education (EAE) combines environmental education and adult learning theory to provide meaningful educative experiences to learners with the purpose of bringing about genuine environmental change. The field is relatively new, but its body of literature is growing in the twenty-first century. This paper conducts an historical analysis of EAE literature to date. The resulting summary provides scholars and practitioners in the fields of environmental adult education, environmental education, and adult education a platform to engage in dialogue about future directions for the field based on historical trends and lessons.

Sustainability - is it for the CIO?

This article addresses the significant role that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) can play in improving the sustainability of the planet. Information Technology is a primary contributor to a company’s environmental footprint, but if managed the right way can provide solutions that help reduce the environmental footprint of a company, as well as reduce costs. This can be done through the use of green technologies and methods that allow corporations to assess, manage, and reduce their energy use, water use, and production of e-waste.


Environmental Information Sources: Websites and Books

This column lists websites and books on topics related to environmental science.

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Review: Structuring an Energy Technology Revolution

The 2008 U.S. presidential campaign produced proposals for substantial increases in spending on energy technology and innovation, but with limited detail on how that effort was to be carried out. In this book Charles Weiss and William B. Bonvillian give those details. More than a book, this is a concrete plan for a federal program - on the scale of the Apollo Program – to stimulate technological innovation in energy.