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How to Submit Content to eScholarship

Faculty, staff and researchers at UCSF can deposit their content with eScholarship in 3 ways:

Participate in the UCSF Open Access Policy by archiving your previously published paper

We are currently working to develop an intuitive, easy method for UCSF faculty to deposit their previously published papers. This deposit mechanism will be available by Fall 2013. Check this site again at that time to learn how you can participate in the policy by depositing your manuscript.

In the mean time, if you need to request and embargo, addendum or waiver related to the policy, go to the Open Access Policy Options page. You can also learn more about the policy on the Reshaping Scholarly Communications website.

Add content to your department or research unit's collection

Many UCSF departments and research units showcase the scholarly output of their faculty and researchers on eScholarship. These pages are a great place to display your previously published papers, working papers, monographs & books, conference procedings, media files and datasets. Each department or unit has its own guidelines for acceptable materials, so the first step is to find a space for your content in our listing of UCSF departments and research units. Can't find your department or research unit? Learn how to start a new collection on eScholarship here.

Submit an original manuscript for consideration in an Open Access journal published by eScholarship

Example of a Submit Article link for an eScholarship journal

Scholars from any institution are welcome to submit manuscripts for consideration in our journals -- many of which accept manuscript submissions online.

To submit your manuscript for consideration:

  1. Browse our list of journals and click on the title of the journal to which you'd like to submit your paper.
  2. Review the journal's submission guidelinespolicies
  3. Click the Submit Article link in the journal's sidebar (pictured at right) to begin the submission process.

Need assistance?

Your campus contact's information is listed in the sidebar at left. You're also welcome to contact eScholarship support.