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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Current Issue, Volume 23, Issue 7, 2017


The role of interleukin-17 in the pathogenesis of hidradenitis suppurativa
Yao, Yiqiu; Thomsen, Simon Francis


Dermatology on Reddit: elucidating trends in dermatologic communications on the world wide web
Buntinx-Krieg, Talayesa; Caravaglio, Joseph; Domozych, Renee; Dellavalle, Robert P

Dermatology on Snapchat
Patel, Ravi R; Yazd, N Kuseh Kalani; Dellavalle, Robert P

Case Report

Cutaneous Balamuthia mandrillaris infection as a precursor to Balamuthia amoebic encephalitis (BAE) in a healthy 84-year-old Californian
Lehmer, Larisa M; Ulibarri, Gabriel E; Ragsdale, Bruce D; Kunkle, James

Adalimumab-related alopecia in a patient affected by psoriasis
Melé-Ninot, Gemma; Expósito-Serrano, Vicente; Quintana Codina, Mònica; Iglesias Sancho, Maribel; Sánchez-Regaña, Manuel; Umbert Millet, Pablo et al.

Generalized bullous fixed drug eruption imitating toxic epidermal necrolysis: a case report and literature review
Mitre, Victoria; Applebaum, Danielle S; Albahrani, Yasser; Hsu, Sylvia

Case Presentation

Acquired bullous acrodermatitis enteropathica as a histologic mimic of pemphigus foliaceus in a patient on parenteral nutrition
Wu, Davina; Fung, Maxwell A; Kiuru, Maija; Sharon, Victoria R

Mycophenolate mofetil as a successful therapy for idiopathic granulomatous mastitis
Di Xia, Fan; Ly, Amy; Smith, Gideon P

Crystalline folliculitis revealed by non-aqueous staining technique
Siscos, Spyros Michael; Tran, Chi; Fischer, Ryan; Fraga, Garth

Disseminated cutaneous sporotrichosis presenting as a necrotic facial mass: Case and review
He, Yong; Ma, Chelsea; Fung, Maxwell; Fitzmaurice, Sarah

Infantile bullous pemphigoid with “string of pearls sign”
Raposo, Inês; Machado, Susana; Sampaio, Rita; Selores, Manuela

A pediatric case of unusual melanocytic proliferation of the nail
Mathieu, Regine J; Vatanchi, Marjon; Heilman, Edward R; Glick, Sharon A

Congenital juvenile xanthogranuloma with ulceration: a pediatric case report
Logue, Mary E; Elwood, Hillary; Smidt, Aimee

Herpes zoster ophthalmicus with associated vasculopathy causing stroke
Antia, Camila; Persad, Leah; Alikhan, Ali

Alopecia universalis unresponsive to treatment with tofacinitib: report of a case with a brief review of the literature
Salman, Andac; Sarac, Gonca; Ergun, Tulin

Photo Vignette

Retronychia: an underdiagnosed disease
Robledo, A; Godoy, E; Manrique, E; Manchado, P

Annular elastolytic giant cell granuloma: a “visible” diagnosis
Raposo, Inês; Mota, Fernando; Lobo, Inês; Brandão, José Ricardo; Selores, Manuela


Ustekinumab to target granulomatous dermatitis in recalcitrant ulcerative necrobiosis lipoidica: case report and proposed mechanism
Hassoun, Lauren A; Sivamani, Raja K; Sharon, Victoria R; Silverstein, Marc A; Burrall, Barbara A; Tartar, Danielle M

Congenital isolated leukonychia
Davis-Fontenot, Kerri; Hagan, Caroline; Emerson, Ashley; Gerdes, Michelle

Value of dermoscopy for the diagnosis of monilethrix
Baltazard, T; Dhaille, F; Chaby, G; Lok, C

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