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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Current Issue, Volume 22, Issue 11, 2016


Integrating The Integrated Skin Exam film into medical education
Lofgreen, Seth; Lehrer, Michael; Bennett, Paige; Garg, Anit; Dunnick, Cory A

Factors correlated with residents’ decisions to enter academic dermatology
Morales-Pico, Brenda M; Cotton, Cary C; Morrell, Dean S

Patient-provider communication, concordance, and ratings of care in dermatology: Results of a cross-sectional study
Harvey, Valerie M; Ozoemena, Uchechukwu; Paul, Joan; Beydoun, Hind A; Clemetson, Nashay N; Okoye, Ginette A


Patient viewing sessions: the patient experience
Cohen, Jeffrey M; Tan, Jennifer K; Chen, Steven T; Burgin, Susan

Misinformation is prevalent in psoriasis-related YouTube videos
Qi, J; Trang, T; Doong, J; Kang, S; Chien, A.L

Case Report

Subungual pleomorphic fibroma: a case report and review of the literature
Halteh, Pierre; Magro, Cynthia M; Lipner, Shari R

Polydactyly in neurofibromatosis type I: a potential clue to diagnosis
Kimes, Kate L; Han, Marie J; Brown, Patrick J

Dermatological clues to the diagnosis of atypical complete DiGeorge syndrome
Seminario-Vidal, Lucia; Kole, Lauren; Knapp, Charles; Fort, Prem; Kankirawatana, Suthida; Atkinson, T Prescott et al.

Case Presentation

Breast nodularity and ulceration: diffuse dermal angiomatosis a corticosteroid responsive disease
Ho, JD; Wolpowitz, D; Phillips, TJ

Acquired acrodermatitis enteropathica after gastric bypass surgery responsive to IV supplementation
Rana, Jasmine; Plovanich, Molly; Wallace, Elizabeth B; Yang, Chao; Canales, Alvaro Laga; Mostaghimi, Arash

Localized cutaneous argyria: Report of two patients and literature review
Beutler, Bryce David; Lee, Robert A; Cohen, Philip R

Linear trichoepithelioma on the neck of a 15-year-old girl
Laska, Amanda J; Belli, Roberto A; Kobayashi, Todd T

Photo Vignette

Periumbilical perforating pseudoxanthoma elasticum
Kumar, Piyush; Savant, Sushil S; Barkat, Rizwana

Linear syringocystadenoma papilliferum on the retroauricular area associated with nevus sebaceus
Ekinci, Algun Polat; Buyukbabani, Nesimi; Mehdi, Lale; Yazganoglu, K Didem; Baykal, Can

Asymptomatic and infiltrated plaque on the left cheek
Ruiz-Villaverde, Ricardo; Sánchez-Cano, Daniel; Rodrigo-Sánchez, Ana Belén; Aneiros-Fernández, José

A diagnostic challenge
Ismail, D; Langman, G; Orpin, SD

A rare clinical manifestation of spinulate demodicosis
Tamer, Funda; Sarifakioglu, Evren; Orenay, Ozge Mine


Fluoroscopy induced chronic radiation dermatitis should be included in the differential diagnosis of notalgia paresthetica
Tchanque-Fossuo, Catherine N; Isseroff, R Rivkah; Silverstein, Marc A

5-Fluorouracil-induced exacerbation of rosacea
Haddock, Ellen S; Cohen, Philip R

Two cases of halo scalp ring
Douri, Thaer Hasan

Localized anagen effluvium and cataract development following an extended fluoroscopic interventional procedure
Danko, Calida; Suszko, Jason; Fett, Nicole

Habit tic nail deformity - a rare presentation in an 8 year old boy
El-Heis, S; Abadie, Al

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