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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 12, Issue 2, 2006


High prevalence of hypothyroidism in male patients with cutaneous melanoma
Shah, Monica; Orengo, Ida F; Rosen, Ted

Association between solitary keratoacanthoma and cigarette smoking: A case-control study
Miot, Hélio Amante; Miot, Luciane Donida Bartoli; Costa, Ana Laura Bastos da; Matsuo, Cristiane Yuri; Stolf, Hamilton Ometto; Marques, Mariângela Esther Alencar

Carbon dioxide laser for the treatment of lupoid cutaneous leishmaniasis (LCL): A case series of 24 patients
Asilian, Ali; Iraji, Fariba; Hedaiti, Hamid Reza; Siadat, Amir Hossein; Enshaieh, Shahla

Case Reports

Adalimumab-induced urticaria
George, Saira J; Anderson, Heather L; Hsu, Sylvia

Three cousins with chronic foot ulcers resulting from late-onset hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies type 2 (HSAN2)
Aghaei, Shahin; Pakmanesh, Kambiz

Lipedematous alopecia of the scalp
Piraccini, Bianca Maria; Voudouris, Stylianos; Pazzaglia, Massimiliano; Rech, Giulia; Vicenzi, Colombina; Tosti, Antonella

Pimecrolimus 1 percent cream in the treatment of psoriasis in a child
Mansouri, Parvin; Farshi, Susan

Penile pyoderma gangrenosum
Badgwell, Christy; Rosen, Ted


Palmar hyperhidrosis: Safety and efficacy of two anaesthetic techniques for botulinum toxin therapy
Ponce-Olivera, Rosa María; Tirado-Sánchez, Andrés; Arellano-Mendoza, María Ivonne; León-Dorantes, Gladys; Kassian-Rank, Silvia

Treatment of disseminated facial warts with diphenylcyclopropenone contact immunotherapy
Aghaei, Shahin

Case Presentations

Cutaneous larva migrans in an unusual site
Malhotra, SK; Raj, Rakesh T; Pal, Manjeet; Goyal, Vippan; Sethi, Shweta

Koebner phenomenon in xanthelasma after treatment with trichloroacetic acid
Akhyani, Maryam; daneshpazhooh, Maryam; Jafari, Alireza K; Naraghi, Zahra S; Farahani, Farzaneh; Toosi, Siavash

Pulmonary embolism and deep jugular venous thrombosis resulting from compression by a lipoma
Gallien, S; Rollot, F; Caron, B; Moachon, L; Bienvenu, B; Blanche, P

Persistent periorbital edema as a sole manifestation of cutaneous lupus erythematosus: Report of two cases
Ghaninejad, H; Kavusi, S; Safar, F; Asgari, M; Naraghi, ZS

Familial yellow nail syndrome
Razi, Ebrahim

Management of skin ulcers in a patient with mycosis fungoides
Panasiti, Vincenzo; Devirgiliis, Valeria; Borroni, Riccardo G; Rossi, Mariarita; Curzio, Michela; Mancini, Monica et al.

Linear lichen planus and hepatitis C
Domínguez, María Victoria Guiote; Mateu, Anna Vilanova; Vieira, Ricardo; Solano, Juan Linares; Sintes, Ramón Naranjo; Salmerón, María Teresa Gutiérrez

Keratoacanthoma centrifugum marginatum arising in vitiligo: A case report
Attili, Sasi kiran; Attili, V Ratnam

Acquired eyelash trichomegaly and generalized hypertrichosis associated with breast anomaly
Aghaei, Shahin; Dastgheib, Ladan

Actinomycosis presenting as a large facial mass
Bartell, Holly L; Sonabend, Michael L; Hsu, Sylvia


Guillain-Barré syndrome-like presentation in borderline leprosy with type-2 reaction
Rai, Vandana Mehta; Shenoi, SD; Rao, SN

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