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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 14, Issue 2, 2008


Acute lipodermatosclerosis: an open clinical trial of stanozolol in patients unable to sustain compression therapy
Đaković, Z; Vesić, S; Vuković, J; Pavlović, LJ Medenica MD

Efficacy of high-concentration tacalcitol ointment in psoriasis vulgaris after changing from other high-concentration vitamin D3 ointments
Abe, Masatoshi; Syuto, Tomoko; Ishibuchi, Hirohisa; Sogabe, Yoko; Yokoyama, Yoko; Ishikawa, Osamu


Superantigens: a brief review with special emphasis on dermatologic diseases
Solanki, Lakhan Singh; Srivastava, Neeraj; Singh, Sanjay


Full thickness skin graft cover for lower limb defects following excision of cutaneous lesions
Rao, Krishna; Tillo, Omar; Dalal, Milind

Treatment of recalcitrant plantar hyperhidrosis with type-A botulinum toxin injections and aluminum chloride in salicylic acid gel
Benohanian, Antranik

A case of mucous membrane plasmacytosis successfully treated with cryotherapy
Najarian, David James; Rao, Babar K; Pappert, Amy S

Case Reports

Painless genital papules and plaques
Berryman, Capt Jessica L MC; Nutt, Maj Terri J MC; Groo, LTC Stephen C MC

Blueberry muffin baby: A pictoral differential diagnosis
Mehta, Vandana; Balachandran, C; Lonikar, Vrushali

Chromoblastomycosis associated with in a carpenter handling exotic woods
Menezes, Nuno; Varela, Paulo; Furtado, Antónia; Couceiro, Antonio; Calheiros, Ismália; Rosado, Laura et al.

A fatal case of Lucio phenomenon from India
Kumari, Rashmi; Thappa, Devinder Mohan; Basu, Debdatta

Bullous mycosis fungoides: A case report
Kamran, Balighi; Fatemeh, Moeineddin; Ahmadreza, Rajaee; Azita, Nikoo

Pachyonychia congenita tarda affecting only the nails
Vaccaro, Mario; Guarneri, Fabrizio; Barbuzza, Olga; Guarneri, Claudio

Case Presentations

Generalized pigmentation due to Addison disease
Kumar, Rajesh; Kumari, Sita; Ranabijuli, Pradeep Kumar

Burkitt lymphoma with cutaneous involvement
Berk, David R; Cheng, Amy; Lind, Anne C; Bayliss, Susan J

Candida glabrata infection in gastric carcinoma patient mimicking cutaneous histoplasmosis
Gugic, Dijana; Cleary, Timothy; Vincek, Vladimir

Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria: Two cases
Kenani, N; Ghariani, N; Denguezli, M; Sriha, B; Belajouza, C; Nouira, R

Ecthyma gangrenosum: Presentation in a normal neonate
Athappan, Ganesh; Unnikrishnan, Athira; Chandraprakasam, Satish

Kaposi varicelliform eruption (eczema herpeticum)
Olson, Jonathan; Robles, David T; Kirby, Phil; Colven, Roy

Sudden onset of verrucous plaques to the face and trunk: A case of cutaneous histoplasmosis in the setting of HIV
Friedman, Adam; Solomon, Garron; Segal-Maurer, Sorana; Pereira, Fred

Poliosis overlying a nevus with blue nevus features
Young, Lorraine C; Dyke, Gregory S Van; Lipton, Shira; Binder, Scott W

Pustular pyoderma gangrenosum: An uncommon variant which is easily misdiagnosed
Chia, MW; Teo, L; Tay, YK; Poh, WT

Granulomatous rosacea in infants. Report of three cases and discussion of the differential diagnosis
Costa, João Borges da; Sousa Coutinho, V; Almeida, L Soares de; Gomes, M Marques

Isolated oral erosions: An unusual manifestation of secondary syphilis
Carlesimo, M; Palese, E; Mari, E; Feliziani, G; Pietra, M La; Marco, G De et al.

Persistent varicella as the initial manifestation of systemic lymphoma
Ferreira, Márcia; Sanches, Madalena; Teixeira, Marta; Guerra, Marisol; Selores, Manuela


Complete remission of nodular basal cell carcinoma after combined treatment with photodynamic therapy and imiquimod 5% cream
Devirgiliis, Valeria; Panasiti, Vincenzo; Curzio, Michela; Gobbi, Silvia; Rossi, Mariarita; Roberti, Vincenzo et al.

Carcinoma erysipeloides: An unusual presentation mimicking radiation dermatitis
Gugle, Anil; Malpathak, Vijay; Zawar, Vijay; Deshmukh, Milind; Kote, Rahul

Superficial acral fibromyxoma: Report of two cases and discussion of the nomenclature
Al-Daraji, WI; Al-Daraji, U; Al-Mahmoud,

The Meyerson phenomenon in a teenager
Schepis, Carmelo; Siragusa, Maddalena

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