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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2011

Case Reports

Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia: A study of 7 cases
Zaraa, I; Mlika, M; Chouk, S; Chelly, I; Mokni, M; Zitouna, M et al.

Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria: A case report
Udayashankar, Carounanidy; Nath, Amiya Kumar

Photo Essay and Literature Review

Phenotypic and dermatological manifestations in Down Syndrome
Sureshbabu, Rengasamy; Kumari, Rashmi; Ranugha, Subramaniam; Sathyamoorthy, Ramanathan; Udayashankar, Carounanidy; Oudeacoumar, Paquirissamy

Case Presentations

Transfascial muscular hernia: An unusual cause for a “hide and seek” subcutaneous nodule
Alfageme, Fernando; Morales, Victoriano; García, Carmen; Miguelez, Ana Patricia; Domínguez, Esther; Segurado, Agustina

Benign nodular tertiary syphilis: A rare presenting manifestation of HIV infection
Revathi, TN; Bhat, Shilpa; Asha, GS

Successful treatment of plasma cell cheilitis with topical tacrolimus: Report of two cases
Hanami, Yuka; Motoki, Yoshikazu; Yamamoto, Toshiyuki

Retiform purpura: A new stigmata of illicit drug use?
Geller, Lauren; Whang, Talley B; Mercer, Stephen E; Phelps, Robert

Elephantiasis Nostras Verrucosa on the buttocks and sacrum of two immobile men
Setyadi, Hedy G; Iacco, Megan R; Shwayder, Tor A; Ormsby, Adrian

Granulomatous rosacea: Unusual presentation as solitary plaque
Batra, Mayanka; Bansal, Cherry; Tulsyan, Suman


Psoriasis patients with a history of malignancy represent an important but overlooked study population
Persad, Paul; Levender, Michelle M; Feldman, Steven R


A woman with reddish nodule on the skin of the breast
Aneiros-Fernandez, Jose; Arias-Santiago, Salvador; Sotillo, Ricardo; Menjon-Beltran, Salomon; Concha, Angel


Detection of early basal cell carcinoma with dermoscopy in a patient with psoriasis
Liebman, Tracey N; Wang, Steven Q


Piebaldism in a 2-year-old girl
López, Verónica; Jordá, Esperanza


An Unusual Giant Thrombus Displaying Percutaneous Elimination
Criado, Paulo Ricardo; Romiti, Ricardo; Halpern, Ilana; Brandt, Hebert Roberto Clivati

Voriconazole-Associated Phototoxicity
Riahi, Ryan R; Cohen, Philip R

Classic Kaposi sarcoma mimicking chilblains
Vano-Galvan, Sergio; Moreno, Carmen; Fernández-Lorente, Manuel; Jaén, Pedro

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