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Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine  (CPC-EM) is a new journal affiliated with the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine (WestJEM) and will offer the latest in patient care case reports and images in the field of emergency medicine. The new journal is fully open-access, peer reviewed, and available anywhere with an internet connection without cost. WestJEM is spinning off the case reports and images from the core journal to continue to encourage submissions from junior authors, faculty, and residents of established and developing EM programs. The number of case reports and image submissions have increased dramatically over the years, and given constraints of space in the core journal, we have had to decline more than 80% of submissions. There is clearly a demand for publication and dissemination which we are providing through CPC-EM. The new journal will continue to foster junior scholarship and help grow WestJEM to a more substantial and influential journal.


Current Issue, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2017

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Publishing Office, WestJEM

Clinicopathological Cases

13-year-old Girl with Fevers
Cobb, Megan; Gorman, Emily; Bontempo, Laura J; Dezman, Zachary DW

Case Report

Inadvertent Intrathecal Administration of Local Anesthetics Leading to Spinal Paralysis with Lipid Emulsion Rescue
Gupta, Amit; Procopio, Gabrielle L; Charles, Patrick; Hernandez, Monica; Patel, Ruchi

Nonspecific Headache Diagnosed as a Brain Colloid Cyst with Hydrocephalus
Carroll, Christine; Riddle, Mark

Avulsion of the Lesser Trochanter Following a Shot Put Sport Session
Grissa, Mohamed Habib; Bzeouich, Nasri; Zrig, Makram; Boubaker, Hamdi; Msolli, Mohamed Amine; Abid, Abderrazak et al.

Pyogenic Flexor Tenosynovitis in an Infant
Gragg, James Insco; Olsen, Ryder; Stringham, S. Briant

Emphysematous Pyelonephritis: Bedside Ultrasound Diagnosis in the Emergency Department
McCafferty, Gillian; Shorette, Amanda; Singh, Sukhdeep; Budhram, Gavin

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy in a Patient Without Chronic Alcohol Abuse
Thota, Darshan; Rudinsky, Sherri

Burn-induced Myxedema Crisis
Batista, Ann S.; Zane, Laura L.; Smith, Lane M.

A Novel Source of Chest Pain in the Emergency Department
Isa, Ibrahim; Bush, Jeffrey S.; Watson, Simon; Schoepf, Joseph

Phelgmasia Cerulea Dolens Diagnosed by Point-of- Care Ultrasound
Schroeder, Michele; Shorette, Amanda; Singh, Sukhdeep; Budhram, Gavin

Intermittent Ovarian Torsion in Pregnancy
Young, Randall; Cork, Kelly

Bilateral Chylothorax Due to Blunt Trauma Without Radiographic Evidence of Traumatic Injury
Mohamed, Mohamed; Alshenawy, Weaam; Kegarise, Christen; Betten, David

Spinal Epidural Abscess Complicated by Meningitis, Sepsis and Thrombocytopenia in a Patient Lacking Traditional Risk Factors
Spano, Christian; Ward, Michael; Zagelbaum, Nicole

Quality Initiatives May Affect Diagnostic Accuracy: STEMI Mimics in an Age of Decreasing Door to Balloon Time
Villa-Uribe, Jose L.; Schoenfeld, Elizabeth M.

Should Pharmacies Be Included in Medication Reconciliation? A Report of Recurrent Valproic Acid Toxicity
Cutshall, B. Tate; Shah, Samarth P.; Van Berkel, Megan A.; Patterson, Shanise; Harris, L. Jeff; Rivera, Jessica V.

Acute ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction and Massive Pericardial Effusion Due to Infective Endocarditis
Thompson, Maxwell; Pigott, David C.; Gullett, John; Gibson, Blayke

Normokalemic Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis with Acute Resolution in the Emergency Department
Gragg, James I.; Federico, Massimo; Mellick, Larry B.

Indicators of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage as a Cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Zachariah, Joseph; Stanich, Jessica A.; Braksick, Sherri A.; Wijdicks, Eelco FM.; Campbell, Ronna L.; Bell, Malcolm R. et al.

No Room for Error: Empiric Treatment for Fulminant Pneumonia
Prekker, Matthew E; Smith, Stephen W

Images in Emergency Medicine

The Aortomesenteric Angle as an Aid in Diagnosing Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome
Kane, Kathleen E.; Koons, Andrew L.

Intercostal Lung Herniation
Manthey, David; Nickle, Alexander W.

Adult Female with a Headache
Wittbold, Kelley A.; Boehme, Jacqueline; Kimberly, Heidi H.; Frasure, Sarah E.

Smith, Liza G.; Kabhrel, Christopher

Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum from Rupture of Massive Leiomyoma
Schwitkis, Arielle; Shen, Steven; Vos, Elaine; Torbati, Sam S.

Use of Ultrasound to Diagnose Pneumonia
Monette, Derek L.; Frasure, Sarah E.


Publishing Office, WestJEM

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