Rash after visiting Tucson
Herbert P Goodheart1 and Arthur C Huntley2
Dermatology Online Journal 7(2): 10

1. Department of Dermatology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, The Bronx 2. Department of Dermatology University of California Davis and Section of Dermatology, VA Mather Hospital Sacramento

What is your diagnosis?

Figure 1
Figure 1. Juicy papules on the dorsum of the right hand.

The erythematous, juicy papules on the dorsum of this 33 year-old woman hands, itch intensely. She was visiting a friend in Tucson, Arizona and noted the itching shortly after she walked her friend's dog. Upon returning home to New York, she sought dermatologic advice because the itching continued unabated; however, no new lesions appeared, and those that originally were present remained limited to her hands and wrists.

What is your Diagosis?


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Rash after visiting Tucson

Journal Issue:

Dermatology Online Journal, 7(2)


Goodheart, Herbert P;
Huntley, Arthur C

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Dermatology Online Journal, UC Davis



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