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Open Access Publications from the University of California

eScholarship Publishing

Open Access publishing for journals, monographs, conference proceedings and more.

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eScholarship Repository

Open Access repository services for UC researchers to share their scholarly output.

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Why Open Access with eScholarship?

Good for Authors

Open Access research is read and cited more than access-restricted scholarship, increasing the academic impact of and public engagement with your ideas.

Good for Readers

The University of California’s Open Access policies extend the University’s public mission to share broadly — throughout California, the nation, and the world — the research and knowledge produced at our campuses.

Metrics of Use

485,460 Items
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eScholarship is an open access publishing platform

eScholarship Publishing

eScholarship Publishing is an open access publishing platform subsidized by the University of California, managed by the California Digital Library, and offered free of charge to UC-affiliated departments, research units, publishing programs and individual scholars.

We offer publishing and production tools, including a full editorial and peer review system, as well as professional support and consulting services.

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eScholarship is the institutional repository for the UC system

Institutional Repository

eScholarship serves as the institutional repository for the ten University of California campuses and affiliated research centers.

eScholarship Repository content includes postprints (previously published articles), as well as working papers, electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs), student capstone projects, and seminar/conference proceedings.

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Repository Holdings

416,418 Articles
2,427 Books
59,142 Theses
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