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Site policies

Submissions and appropriate content

Any department, center, publishing program, individual faculty member, or student associated with the University of California may publish content in eScholarship.

Publications included in eScholarship are often the original work of UC faculty, staff, or students. However, eScholarship also publishes materials that have been edited or sponsored by University of California–affiliated departments, centers, publishing programs, individual faculty members or students. For example, an eScholarship journal edited by a UC faculty member or sponsored by a UC department may publish articles written by scholars outside the UC system. Similarly, a UC research unit may publish the proceedings from a hosted conference, regardless of the institutional affiliation of conference attendees.

Content is suitable for inclusion in eScholarship if it adheres to all applicable policies (e.g., peer review, copyright, etc.); the content is of a scholarly nature and deemed appropriate by the sponsoring unit or some other vetting process; and the content conforms to the existing format types supported by the platform.

Learn more about submissions requirements and appropriate content in eScholarship.

Peer review

eScholarship provides a publishing platform for both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed scholarly works. Manuscripts designated in eScholarship as peer-reviewed have been accepted for publication and include all revisions and modifications resulting from a peer review process.

Learn more about peer review standards in eScholarship and how the platform can support peer review activities in your publication.