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Open Access Publications from the University of California

As an ORU, the Center for African Studies seeks to increase the extent, depth, and quality of research and teaching on Africa within the University community and to serve as a resource center for the larger public. Established in 1979 as an interdisciplinary research center, the Center supports basic research and training of scholars, and scholarly activities over a broad range of topics. The Center also provides opportunities for students majoring in traditionally defined fields to develop a comprehensive interdisciplinary program in African Studies, and grants scholarships for language training in African languages and overseas research funding for advanced graduate students. The Center supports interdisciplinary research focus groups (RFG's) that address Africa's major concerns. The RFG's are organized around shared intellectual interests and bring faculty and graduate students from departments and professional schools together on a regular basis for discussion of new literature and presentation of work in progress. Current groups include:

  • Popular Culture
  • Rethinking Globalization
  • South Africa in Transition
  • Natural Resources and Political Ecology
  • Democratization and Human Rights
  • African languages and cultures

There are currently no publications in this series "Working Papers".