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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Issue 18:4

Editor: Barbara Burrall MD
Managing Medical Editor: Emanual Maverakis MD
Managing Editor: Matthew Yasner MBA
Founder and Publisher: Arthur C Huntley MD
Associate Editor: Ted Rosen MD
Associate Editor: Noah Scheinfeld MD
Associate Editor: Steven Emmet MD
Dermatopathology Editor: Maxwell Fung MD
Dermatopathology Editor: Sate Hamza MD
Editor for Portuguese Articles: George Leal MD
Editor for Spanish Articles: Mauricio Goihman MD

Editorial Board

Ronald J Barr
Carl Blesius
Barbara Burrall
William Danby
Joseph Eastern
Haines Ely
Steven Emmet
Steve Feldman
Phil Fleckman
Max Fung
Ignacio Garcio
Mauricio Goihman-Yahr
Sate Hamza
| Art Huntley
Sheraz Jamal Khan
George Leal
Fu-Tong Liu
Douglas Patton
Ted Rosen
Noah Scheinfeld
J Graham Smith
Kevin Smith
Mohamed-Hany el Tonsy
Guy Webster
Edward Zabawski Jr

Technical Editors

Carl Blesius MD
Robert Horton PhD
Morton Taragin PhD
Ken Weiss MBA


Department of Dermatology, University of California, Davis