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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Two Cast-Iron Pots from Aboriginal Contexts in Southern California

  • Author(s): Sutton, Mark Q
  • Ritter, Eric W
  • et al.

Examples of historic native American use of Euroamerican manufactured goods are well known. Woodward (1965:2) noted that trade goods entering California included a great variety of items, such as various cloths, beads, brass rings, wire, kettles, knives, and other goods. Wire was used to bind poles for construction (Ritter 1980); iron was used for projectile points (Fowler and Matley 1979:65, Fig. 51a-b); other items served more elaborate functions such as the use of glass beads in wealth displays, as part of ceremonial dress, and as mortuary offerings (Meighan and Riddell 1972:39; Hester 1978:498).

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