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New Wireless Miniature Sensor Technologies for CENS


Although many sensors (e.g., temperature, light level, acceleration, etc.) that are compatible with sensor networks (i.e., sensitive, small, low power, etc.) are now commercially available, two important classes of sensors are not as technologically mature and remain an area of active research: chemical sensors and biological sensors. The sensor-technology-development efforts in the CENS center are focused on these very challenging classes of sensors. Successful development of chemical and biological sensors will enable wireless-sensor-network technology to span the full range of possible classes of measurements. In addition to better performance, the technological emphases are miniaturization and automation of the developed sensors. Specific sensor-technology-development efforts include: (1) amperometric and potentiometric electrochemical sensors for monitoring nitrate-ion detection in ground water; (2) lab-on-a-chip aquatic microorganism analysis system; and (3) ultra sensitive field operational sensor for marine environmental monitoring.

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