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The UCI Libraries provide vital leadership in UCI's distinction as a premier research university. The Libraries are committed to supporting and inspiring members of UCI's diverse community to create and contribute new models of research, scholarship, and innovations in all academic subject areas.

To that end, the UCI Libraries have created two spaces for the depositing and sharing of publications by UCI affiliates. The first is dedicated to research produced by members of the Library Association of the University of California, Irvine (LAUC-I) and library staff (see below).

The second is more general in scope and is open to faculty partnering with the UCI Libraries and whose contributions do not fall in the purview of any of the campus' established research centers, departments, and programs. This research is linked in the left sidebar under “Affiliated Units”.

Cover page of Archives are People: Love, Hope, and Courage for Our Future

Archives are People: Love, Hope, and Courage for Our Future


This is the edited text of a plenary that was delivered to the Society of California Archivists Annual General Meeting on May 20, 2022 in Palm Springs, California. Authenticity and reciprocity can help archivists revolutionize archival work. After all we’ve been through, what do archivists *represent* right now, and what do we want for our future?

Cover page of Mini Buleku: A Recorded Sibe Dictionary

Mini Buleku: A Recorded Sibe Dictionary


Mini Buleku is the print version of an online dictionary created for Sibe, a Tungusic language spoken in Northwestern Xinjiang, China. Sibe is noted to be a descendant and heir of what is known as the Manchu language of Manchuria in Northeast China. The present version of the dictionary was worked on from June to December 2021, and was created by Jacob Kodner—an undergraduate student at UC Irvine—and Meng Rong Lu—a native speaker of Sibe. Entries include data in Sibe, English, and Mandarin. Entries are coded with a number code and have audio files named according to the number; the audio files are Meng Rong Lu's pronunciations of the colloquial Sibe forms. The most updated, online version can be found at This work serves the purpose of contributing to documentation and revitalization efforts of Sibe. 

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How to Have a Conversation: Values, Ethics, and Visibility in Shared Collection Building


Conference presentation for the 2021 Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) for a panel entitled "Making the Invisible Visible: The Operational Impacts of Collection Building." Session description:

In 2018, the OCLC Research Library Partnership (RLP) convened a Collection Building and Operational Impacts Working Group (CBOIWG) and charged it with developing resources for helping repositories make better-informed collection development decisions. Informed collection development requires a strong understanding of available resources and institutional capacity for taking on the work necessary to acquire, describe, store, preserve, and make available collection material. In many repositories, however, those tasked with building collections are siloed from those responsible for ongoing stewardship and other collections-related work. This, coupled with a lack of accurate and practical information regarding resources and capacity, can make applying a holistic approach to acquisition, appraisal, and stewardship decision-making especially challenging.

Released in March, “Total Cost of Stewardship: Responsible Collection Building in Archives and Special Collections” puts forward the concept of Total Cost of Stewardship, which is defined as all of the costs associated with building, managing, and caring for collections so they can be used by and useful to the public. The report is accompanied by an annotated bibliography and a suite of tools, including forms and templates for collecting and sharing information with a variety of stakeholders and an Operational Impact Estimator that uses repository-supplied data to categorize and calculate the costs associated with bringing in and making available a particular collection.

In this session, members of the CBOIWG will share their experience piloting some of the tools, with the goal of providing context for participants to consider the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing, at their own institutions, one or more of the elements of the Total Cost of Stewardship framework. Four presentations, in the form of case studies, will be followed by a structured Q&A in which participants will have an opportunity to reflect on and share -- in small groups and with the larger group -- their thoughts on a variety of implementation implications, especially those having to do with making invisible labor visible, professional and paraprofessional relations, power dynamics, and management, leadership, and empowerment of others.

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Cover page of Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) Showcase

Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) Showcase


Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) fosters the use of digital content and transformative technology in scholarship and academic activities. We work with the campus community to publish, promote, and preserve the digital products of research in several areas:

Scholarly Communication - Comply with UC Open Access Policies. Extend the reach of publications. Manage your reputation. Track impact.

Data Curation - Write grant winning Data Management Plans. Deposit data into repositories for access and preservation. Increase reproducibility. 

Digital Production - Build collections. Digitize/reformat materials for preservation. Computationally mine, visualize, and annotate content.

See more at

A Gentle Introduction to Text Analysis with Voyant Tools


These are the presentation slides for a workshop sponsored by the Digital Humanities Working Group at UCI. In this introductory workshop, participants learned the basics of text analysis by exploring Voyant Tools, an open-source reading and analysis environment for digital texts.

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Cover page of Data Services at the UC Irvine Libraries: 2018 Business Case Study

Data Services at the UC Irvine Libraries: 2018 Business Case Study


A 2018 business case study to provide recommendations and justification for the support of data services at the UC Irvine Libraries. Data curation is the management of data throughout its lifecycle, from creation, maintenance and then archived for future access and analysis. The main purpose of data curation is to ensure that data is reliably retrievable for future research purposes or reuse. At its most basic, what everyone (administrators, researchers, librarians, etc.) wants is for data to be findable, to be accessible, to be interoperable, and to be reusable.

Open Data & Reproducibility


Presentation given for Love Data Week 2018.

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Data Management 101


Presentation given during Love Data Week 2018.

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Using Canvas to Teach Literature Search Techniques in CINAHL & PubMed to Nursing Students


At the University of California, Irvine, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, students begin formal training in their junior year. One of the first courses, “Frameworks for Professional Nursing Practice,” focuses on “the scope and standards of professional nursing practice.” Students must complete a paper on a chosen clinical and ethical issue in the nursing profession. Successful completion of this project requires the ability to search the published nursing and medical literature and retrieve relevant information.

 Since 2007, in cooperation with the course instructor, the Research Librarian for Nursing Science has prepared an assignment for students consisting of a literature search in PubMed and CINAHL for their topic. This assignment followed an in-class instruction session.

 The goal is twofold: to help prepare students for the work needed to complete the main course assignment, and to familiarize them with the databases and literature search process. Submitted worksheets are reviewed by the librarian who provides feedback to each student.

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Cover page of 明代職官中英辭典 Chinese-English Dictionary of Ming Government Official Titles

明代職官中英辭典 Chinese-English Dictionary of Ming Government Official Titles


This bilingual dictionary is developed through a crowd-translation project that was funded by CEAL-Mellon. This is the first edition. The project team would encourage scholars to use it and to send us revision suggestions, if any. We will update the dictionary based upon your suggestions. Note that this version comes with a navigation menu. However, to be able to see and use the menu, one has to download the PDF file and open it up in Adobe.