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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Aims and Scope

TISE welcomes papers that advance our understanding of how to better teach statistics and data science using technology or how to better teach technology to future data scientists and statisticians. "Statistics" and "Data science" should be understood to include the broader category of data literacy, data fluency, data acumen and all other incarnations that apply to the preK-12, undergraduate, graduate and professional educational contexts. 

TISE seeks scholarly papers that address any of these themes:

  • Designing technology to improve statistics and data science education
  • Using technology to develop understanding of fundamental concepts of statistics and data science
  • Teaching technology to develop insight into and access to data

TISE is published on a rolling schedule, with a new issue released each calendar year and papers published throughout the year. Papers can fall into one of four categories:

  1. Statistical Investigations: Research papers that report on empirical studies or develop theoretical context for teaching with or about technology.
  2. Statistical Thinking: Position papers that describe a timely issue and propose a solution
  3. Technology Innovations: These papers describe new technologies and their design or describe innovative uses of previous technologies
  4. Notes: The Notes sections allows for detailed Letters to the Editor, descriptions of class lessions or activities, or other less formal submissions.

More detail regarding each of these is provided in the Author Guidelines