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About Us

Technology Innovations in Statistics Education (TISE) reports on studies of the use of technology to improve statistics learning at all levels, from kindergarten to graduate school and professional development. The editors believe we must teach students to become data scientists who can think about and reason with data. To do this educators must employ a variety of technologies so students can better understand statistical concepts, learn to gain insight from data, and design and shape technology to meet future needs.

TISE is interested in scholarly papers that address any of these themes:

  1. Designing technology to improve statistics education
  2. Using technology to develop conceptual understanding
  3. Teaching the use of technology to gain insight into and access to data
Papers can fall into three categories. Research papers report empirical studies or develop theoretical context for teaching with or about technology. Position papers describe a timely issue and propose a solution. Technical Innovations describe new technologies and their design or innovative uses of previous technologies. Details are provided in the Aims and Scope.