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Review Policy and Process

Following author submission, the article is first checked for plagiarism, missing materials, and identifying information that identify the author. The editor, often in consultation with members of the editorial board, will make an initial assessment of the paper and either reject with comments or pass the paper to an associate editor. The associate editor will act as internal referee and assign the paper to two referees for review. (Papers submitted within the "Notes" category will be assigned only one referee.) This process takes a minimum of six weeks.  The associate editor will compile the referees' reports and make a decision to accept, provisionally accept, reject and encourage a resubmission, or reject.

To the extent possible, the process will be double-blind, but we advise authors that we are not responsible for removing identifying information from the manuscript. We therefore ask authors themselves to remove any such information. This should include references to the authors' institution, external links to authors' professional pages, etc.  Authors must therefore provide two versions of their manuscript: one which includes authors' names and affiliations (and will be seen only by the editor and the internal referee) and another without (to be shown to the referees). Please refer to the Author Guidelines for details. 

Please note that if some version of your paper is available online, it is possible that the blind review will be broken.  Referees are asked to refrain from obtaining any information about the author or papers beyond those provided by the journal, but there is obviously no way for the journal to guarantee that this will happen.

Papers sent to referees will not be shared or sent to other people or organizations and referees may not use papers submitted for review in any way before publication.

TISE does not charge any fees for submission or publication. 

Peer Review Process on re-submission

When authors resubmit revised manuscripts, the associate editor will examine the re-submission and determine whether it should be reviewed again, or whether a final decision can be made.  If re-review is necessary, the manuscript will either be sent back to the original reviewers, or to new reviewers if the original reviewers are unavailable.

The article goes back through the same process (revision/review/decision) until a final decision is reached.  More information for authors on submission specifics and formatting can be found at Information for Authors.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the submission according to guidelines that pertain to the category under which the submission was made:  Statistical Investigations, Statistical Thinking, Technology Innovations, and Notes.


Once published, a journal article cannot generally be revised or removed. We feel it is important to provide perpetual access to materials published whenever possible and appropriate. However, we will remove publications under special circumstances, including in the case of submission errors, rights violations, or inappropriate content. Please be aware, however, that even after the removal of a work, a citation to the work will remain in our system, along with a URL.

If you would like your work removed from eScholarship, please contact the editors.

Revising Work

Once manuscripts are published, we are generally unable to revise them. If a significant error or omission is discovered, contact the editors.

Rights and Permissions

TISE does not require copyright transfer, only permission to publish and archive the article. Copyright holders retain copyright ownership, granting a nonexclusive license to the journal and eScholarship to publish the article, meaning that the author may also publish it elsewhere. Before submitting an article to the journal, please be sure that all necessary permissions have been cleared in any third party material. All articles published in the journal are subject to the journal’s author agreement, which is available in the first step of the submission process or by contacting us to request a copy.

Open Access statement 

This is an open access journal, which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or their institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author.

Starting with articles submitted in 2022 TISE is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) 4.0 International License, available at

Long-term preservation policy

All materials submitted to eScholarship are automatically deposited in CDL's Merritt Preservation Repository for long-term preservation.