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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Submission Guidelines

Authors should read the TISE TISE policies to ensure their manuscript follows our definition of "original", for explanations of copyrights, and for an explanation of the review process.

Authors are encouraged to read the Aims and Scopes to consider which category their paper belongs. Authors are asked to suggest a category during the submission process.

The manuscript should be in English and should be prepared using 8 1/2 X 11-inch pages, single spaced, including key words and references, with margins of at least one inch around all four edges. Font should be Times or Times New Roman. Normal-sized fonts (10pt, 11pt, 12pt) should be used. Pages should be numbered consecutively.

All articles must include a short (one paragraph) abstract and a list of key words. Authors may submit in LaTex, Word, or pdf. However, if LaTex or pdf, then all files used to generate output must also be included so that the editors can re-compile if needed.

The title of the paper should be mixed caps, centered, boldface and 18pt type. Section headers should be ALL CAPS, centered, 16 pt., and numbered with a period. For example, 2. THIS IS MY SECOND SECTION HEADER

If subsections are used within a section, then there must be at least two subsections. Subheadings are mixed caps, flush left, 14pt, numbered with a decimal. Example: 2.1 This is a Subsection Header

There should be one blnak space before and after all section and subsection headings.

Figure Captions: Captions should begin "Figure x:" where x is a consecutive number, e.g. "Figure 2: The second graphic illustrates the use of captions."

Authors are responsible for providing publication quality graphics. Authors are reminded that if readers choose to print papers, colors may not appear.

Authors must also submit a "blinded" copy of the manuscript, which will be distributed to the reviewers. Authors are responsible for removing any identifying information.

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, authors will be asked to produce a final manuscript that removes the keywords and abstract and page numbers. (These will be provided automatically.)

Note that your name, affiliation, acknowledgements, abstract, and keywords are requested during the submission process and can be edited later (and should be edited if changes are required.)

Manuscripts prepared using LaTex must use the TISE style guide, available here. Bibtex may be used, but should be configured to produce reference lists that match the style described below. Although officially authors submit the pdf output, they are also required to supply editors with the .tex files as well as any supporting files (e.g. .bib files or .jpg etc) needed to reproduce the pdf output.

Each reference must include author(s), date of publication, title, and publication information. The format follows that used by the American Statistical Association and is summarized below.

Author names are upper- and lowercase letters, surname first followed by a comma and initials with periods and a space between all:
Ben-Zvi, D., and Garfield, J.

For works with more than one author, all authors' names are included; do not use "et al".

Editor(s) are specified with "(eds.)" following the name.

Dates of publication immediately follow the author name(s) within parentheses and followed by a comma:
Cobb, G.W. (2007),
Do not include months or seasons with the date.

Reference list items are alphabetized by first author's last name. If multiple works appear by the same author, (a) list single author works first, (b) list in order of appearance in the text. Distinguish works with the same set of authors by using lowercase "a", "b", etc. after the date: "(2007a)."

Titles of articles in a journal or a chapter of a book appear within double quotes immediately after the date. The title is separated from the publication in which it appears by a comma (placed before the closing quotation mark). The title should be in italics. Journal titles must be spelled out completely.

The details of publication for an article in a journal include the series designation (e.g. Ser. A), volume number (Vol. 1), issue number, and continuous page numbers. For electronic journals in which each paper begins with page 1, include the Article number of order in which the article appears, e.g.
Vol. 1: No. 1, Article 6
When citing software, please use the suggested citation provided by the software publisher (if a suggested citation exists.) For example, from within R type ``citation()" to see suggested citation.

Supplemental Materials

Where appropriate, authors are encouraged to submit explicit programs or subprograms, coded in a programming language, as supporting materials to their articles. The code should be self-contained so that readers can use it directly, or it not self-contained it should be clear that it provides the best way to describe the method that it implements. Authors who include code in their papers should make every effort to use a programming language generally available to readers of TISE. Authors may include hyperlinks and should indicate the URL of the text in braces, e.g. {}. Authors are responsible for checking that links are active at the time of submission.

Authors may submit supporting materials that do not appear in the paper itself, for example video, audio, or pictures. (These materials will be listed on the cover page along the paper title, and readers must click on the list item by item to view.) Authors are encouraged to keep supporting files reasonably small so that readers will not spend too much time downloading these files. The manuscript should very clearly refer to these supporting materials by name so that readers can easily choose to view the correct file. Supporting media should be copyrighted separately. Please read the Creative Commons site to choose an appropriate license. For example, the GNU GPL or GNU LGLP licenses for software. Licenses must be Attribution-NonCommerical-Share Alike licenses, or nearest equivalent.