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Asian American Studies Center


About Asian American Studies Center

Established in 1969, the UCLA Asian American Studies Center (AASC) is a national research center dedicated to advancing historical, transformative and interdisciplinary scholarship that bridges research with community voices. It maintains the largest Asian American Studies library and archives in U.S. The Collective Memories Project gathers the oral histories of those involved in the Asian American movement of the 1960s, starting with those involved in the establishment of Asian American Studies at UCLA in its early years. The Center is also a designated Census Information Center in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Center’s Press has published over 25 books and two national journals. Since 1971, Amerasia Journal, the first and most influential journal in Asian American Studies, has published 120 issues and 1000+ articles, with a circulation to 2,500 institutions worldwide. Since 2003, AAPI Nexus Journal: Policy, Practice, and Community disseminates policy-oriented research on AAPI’s, has published 24 issues, 550+ articles and is searchable through over 300 different research databases. The Press publishes award-winning books, memoirs, and anthologies on race relations, war and peace movements, religion, activist politics, gender and sexuality, community history and settlement, literature and the arts, and transnational societies and the Asian diaspora.