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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Aim & Scope

In his short story, “The Aleph," Jorge Luis Borges describes Aleph as “the place where, without any possible confusion, all the places in the world are seen from every angle.” I observe a similar confluence of viewpoints at UCLA. While Borges’ Aleph is little more than an inch, our campus is more than 400 acres but it too is home to students and systems of knowledge from around the globe. It is here at the UCLA undergraduate school that we find our own Aleph. We believe that through research students have the opportunity to realize the myriad of perspectives through which it is possible to see the world.”–Martha Webber, Founding Editor

Aleph (pronounced “ah-lef”) is UCLA’s only official journal publishing undergraduate research in the humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences. Run by undergraduates who review submissions in the winter quarter, Aleph publishes select submissions online and in an annual “best of” print journal, with the support of our sponsor, the UCLA Undergraduate Research Center - Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Our goal is to disseminate a diverse group of papers that reflects the quality and breadth of undergraduate research at UCLA. Aleph offers an opportunity for motivated UCLA undergraduates to have their academic work published online and in print. By making UCLA’s undergraduate research available to a larger audience, we hope to broaden the impact and appeal of undergraduate research. As a student-run journal, Aleph provides all UCLA undergraduates the chance to join its staff and gain experience in outreach, editing, design, and publishing.