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Created in November of 1989, Issues in Applied Linguistics is a refereed journal managed, edited and published by graduate students of the UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics. The journal is published twice yearly and has established international distribution and a solid reputation in the field of Applied Linguistics.

Our aim is to publish outstanding research from students, faculty, and independent researchers in the broad areas of discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, language analysis, language assessment, language education, language use, and research methodology. We are particularly interested in publishing new departures and cross-disciplinary endeavors in the field of applied linguistics.


Interactional Contrasts Between Typically Developing Children and Those with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and Pragmatic Impairment

This paper begins by identifying certain features of sequential understandings which are oriented to within the interaction of typically developing young children from about the age of2;0 onwards. It then examines literature bearing on the interaction of children with autism, Asperger's syndrome, and pragmatic impairment which suggests a diminished regard on their part to local, on-line details of their interaction and a heightened involvement with bodies of knowledge which they bring with them to any occasion. These themes are explored in the context of the ways in which these children initiate interaction, ways through which they make conversational contributions, and with regard to interactional features which generate distress. The paper draws out how the contrasting interaction profiles of typically developing children and those with pragmatic disabilities can have implications for our ways of understanding both the development of children with autism and the acquisition of cultural knowledge by typically developing children.

Managing Interaction: A Conversation Analytic Approach to the Management of Interaction by an 8 Year-Old Girl with Asperger's Syndrome

This single-case study uses conversation analysis (CA) to investigate some oj the interactional difficulties faced by children with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). Through an analysis of a single telephone conversation between an 8-year-old AS child and an adult and a peel; it shows the level oj interactional complexity required in managing talk. It argues that although the AS child is, on one level, successful in phoning her friend to ask a question, the success of the illteraction relies in part on the other interactants and their willingness to accommodate her different conversational norms. The study demonstrates how CA can be a useful tool for understanding some oj the interactional difficulties faced by AS children and adults alike.