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Open Access Publications from the University of California

The Berkeley Institute of the Environment (BIE) is a university-wide initiative for expanding and coordinating University of California, Berkeley interdisciplinary research and educational activities in environmental scholarship. The goals of BIE are:

  • Research - To create the best possible environment for faculty and students interested in the relationship of climate change to a sustainable society to launch interdisciplinary research.
  • Scholarship - To train tomorrow's environmental citizens, leaders, and scholars by greening the UC Berkeley curriculum through added specializations and designated emphases on climate change and societal transformation.
  • Partnership - To deepen and expand our collaborations with governments, National Labs, and industry at all scales to help build a resilient global economic system that can mitigate climate change and forge a sustainable society.

BIE projects are organized around three interconnected themes:

  1. Sustainable Communities - building environmental resilience at the local scales
  2. Environment and Society - understanding environmental function at regional scales
  3. Energy and Climate Change - evolving a carbon-free society at global scales