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Recent Work

The mission of the Center for Environmental Biology (CEB) is to link academic research with ecosystem management and stewardship of natural resources, and to educate the next generation of environmental biologists and stewards. We conduct collaborative research projects with partner organizations, such as Crystal Cove State Park, Crystal Cove Alliance, Irvine Ranch Conservancy, and Back Bay Science Center, to develop best practices for restoration and conservation. The CEB internship program engages students in authentic environmental research and outreach experiences to enhance their expertise in science, education, and outreach, especially related to the management of natural resources.

Cover page of Upper Newport Bay Restoration Plan

Upper Newport Bay Restoration Plan


The overall goal of this restoration plan is to assist stakeholders in matching restoration projects with funding opportunities in order to increase the overall health of the Upper Newport Bay. Specifically, this document aims to assess current health and quality of native habitats in and around the bay, and to identify areas needing restoration. We have compiled data on the ecology of the bay, including extent of non-native plant invasion, restoration history and progress, site accessibility, and presence of rare plant and animal species to enable prioritization of the sites we’ve identified as needing restoration or ongoing maintenance.