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Open Access Publications from the University of California

List of Conference Sessions


The Spatial Turn and the Persistence of Social Historicism / Privileging of History
Edward Soja

Mapping Histories of the Future
Katharyne Mitchell

From Full to Fulsome
Sylvia Lavin

The Historian Producer
David Gissen

Researching Violence: Histories and Postcolonial Spaces
Abidin Kusno

The Problematization of Space: Anthropology, Architecture, and History
James Holston


A1. Theorizing Space and History

Beyond the Spatial Turn: Architectural History at the Intersection of the Social Sciences and Built Form
Yael Allweil

Historicizing the View from Below
Jeanne Haffner

Methods of Producing Architectural History: Narrations of the Voortrekker Monument
Sharóne Tomer

Making Place: The Cultural History of the Built Environment
Samuel Zipp

B1. Media and Medium: Virtuality and the Representation of History

The Virtual (Re)Construction of History: Some Epistemological Questions
Ahmed Antably

Unveiling the Structure of the Marrakech Medina: Architecture History as a Precedent for Contemporary Architectural Design
João Rocha & José Duarte

Making Plans: “Architecture Begins and Ends in Pictures”
Hilary French

Sounding Architecture and the Architectural Image: Critical Historiography and the Spaces of the British Art School
Aoife Mac Namara

A2. Reading Against the Grain: Researching Built Form and Lived Stories

Incorporating Practice
David Monteyne

The View from Outside: Approaches to the Analysis of Domestic Space in the Roman World and the Eichler House
Amy Russell

Indigenous Stories and Voices in the Writing of Architectural and Urban Histories
Anoma Pieris

The Conversion of the Palace of the Republic, Berlin, 2004-05: A Technology of Changing Atmospheres
Hanna Steinmetz

B2. Pedagogical Practices and the Public

History of Spaces as a Pivotal Tool for Planning Practice: Analysing Fractures and Continuities with Schoolchildren for the Master Plan of Dicomano, Italy
Giovanni Alegretti

Museum of the Phantom City: Locative Media and Histories of Space
Irene Cheng & Brett Snyder

Minding Time and Space in the City: Immaterial Architectures for a New Material World
Maria Prieto

Exploring Spatial Practices in Augmented Reality
Josh Harle

A3. Ethnographies and History

Historical Ethnography
Jonathan Bean

Urban Life Qualities and Citizens in the Wake of Chicago Public Housing Appealing to Emergent Subjectivities and Life-stories
Catherine Fennell

Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of the Built Environment: Revealing Space, Place and Identity through Oral Histories
Shauna Janssen

The Faubourg Saint-Denis in Paris: A Study of Past and Present Taste in Urban Space
Alex Toledano

B3. Affect, Historiographies and Space

Everyday Urbanism Between Public Space and “Forbidden Space”: The Case of the Old City of Nablus, Palestine
Sahera Bleibleh

Old Space, New Urbanism: Israeli Perspective on the Spatial Turn
Oded Haas

Beneath the Paving Stones: The City
Ipek Oskay

Out of Conceived Space: For Another History of Architecture
Silke Kapp & Ana Paula Baltazar

A4. Subjectivities and Spaces of Difference

Balkanology: Limits of Contextualizing Architectural History
Carmen Popescu

Landscapes of Difference: Changing Conceptions of Race and Space in Suburbia
Willow Lung Amam

Spaces of Confinement and History
Lynne Horiuchi

As Splendid and Colossal as Gin-palaces, As Bright and Comfortable as Palatial Music-halls: Wesleyan Methodism’s Mission to the Working Class in Britain
Angela Connelly

From Separate Spheres to Gendered Spaces
Andrea Merrett.

B4. History as Pedagogy: Survey, Studio and Profession

Instructive Environments? Revisiting Tafuri’s “Historical Spaces”
Brendan Moran

Idea and Form: the Integration of History in the Design Studio
Laura De Guereñu

Formless Diagrams: The Employment of Studio Methods in the History Classroom
Robert Weddle