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The Center for Integrated Water Research at the University of California Santa Cruz is dedicated to collaborative research that addresses crucial fresh-water problems. We focus on water policy, economics, management, and communication. We are concerned with water-related interactions between cities and their surrounding regions.

Cover page of Reawakening the Public Research University

Reawakening the Public Research University


A core institution in the human endeavor—the public research university—is in transition. As U.S. public universities adapt to a multi-decadal decline in public funding, they risk losing their essential character as a generator, evaluator, and archivist of ideas and as a wellspring of tomorrow’s intellectual, economic, and political leaders. This book explores the core interdependent and coevolving structures of the research university: its physical domain (buildings, libraries, classrooms), administration (governance and funding), and intellectual structures (curricula and degree programs). It searches the U.S. history of the public research university to identify its essential qualities, and generates recommendations that identify the crucial roles of university administration, state government and federal government.