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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be double-spaced (including references, examples, etc.) formatted with 1” margins on all sides, Times New Roman 12 point, and no longer than 25 pages. Documents should be uploaded in pdf format. Figures and tables should be numbered and captioned observing Unified Style sheet for Linguistics Journals, and on separate files. Please attach a separate cover sheet file with the following information:

•    The full title of your paper
•    Your name
•    Name of your institution (if available)
•    E-mail address
•    Short title of your paper (for running head)
•    A short “Bio” paragraph with a brief description of your professional or academic information with no more that 50 words
•    An abstract of the article with up to 200 words

Language of submission.- We accept papers in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Author Agreement.- Upon acceptance of the article or work, the author(s) will be asked to complete and return the following “Author Agreement Form” for the purposes of publication agreement and Creative Commons copyright license.

The author's name should not appear on the title page (or elsewhere); do not use wording such as "In Smith 2010 I showed that..." or "As I have argued previously (Smith 2010)..."; suppress acknowledgments that would reveal your identity (e.g. grant numbers, institutions you are associated with, colleagues in your own institution); and please make sure your name or institution is erased from the Properties menu in pdf's (from the hanging menu: File > Properties > Description).

All articles and reviews submitted to CLAL should represent new work that has not been previously published in any format or is under consideration elsewhere.

Special issues. CLAL is open to considering collections of essays by multiple authors devoted to a particular theme or topic. Proposals for such collections should be submitted to the editor-in-chief by the lead investigator and should consist of a two-page overview accompanied by a list of four to six authors. Proposals will be reviewed by the Editor and by members of the Editorial Board. Final submissions must then be approved by the Editorial Board prior to publication.