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GAIA Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read/open PDF files?

The software used to read PDF files (Acrobat Reader), can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

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How do I search the collection?

At the search page, you may enter keywords into the search engine. In addition, by creating an account and logging into the eScholarship Repository, you may save the results of your searches and choose to be notified about future publications matching your area of interest.

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How do I contact authors?

The e-mail of the author is typically listed on the title page of the article's PDF file. If none is listed, no e-mail is available. You might consider contacting the volume editor instead.

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How do I contact GAIA?

It is easiest to reach us via email at Our office is located on the UC Berkeley campus.

International and Area Studies
360 Stephens Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-2300
fax: (510) 642-9466

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What is this "My Account" page for?

The My Account page is for everyone, authors and readers. Anyone may create an account. Once logged-in, readers may then save searches and use the system to alert them about future publications in their designated areas of interest.

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May I have permission to publish an author's article elsewhere?

Some authors retain all rights to their works; others have transferred some rights to IAS and UC Press. Please contact the Publications Director or the individual author regarding publication permission.

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May I link to your Web site?

Feel free to link to the Web site and individual publications (for exact citation method see below). Suggested linking methods.

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What is the appropriate way to cite a GAIA publication?

A suggested citation format is always listed on the page from which you download an article or chapter.

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You asked me to submit a PDF for the eScholarship Repository. How do I create one?

Please see the FAQ for Authors and Prospective Authors.

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What is the relationship between GAIA and the University of California Press?

All scholarship published by GAIA bears the imprint of UC Press. Many volumes are published in print by UC Press.

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I'm having technical problems with the site

If you encounter technical problems while using the site or need assistance getting your articles uploaded correctly, please contact

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