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Humanities Honors Program

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About Us

UC Irvine’s Humanities Honors Program nurtures the intellectual lives of top undergraduates in the School of Humanities. Embracing values of curiosity, critical inquiry, creativity, and collaboration, this two-year program builds multilogues across disciplines through a year-long series of interdisciplinary seminars followed by a year of independent work culminating in a senior thesis. Work on the thesis, though typically mounted within a single field, is developed through formal conversation and exchange with other students who might be tilling very different fields. Critical theory, one of UC Irvine’s traditional strengths, often provides a common language across very different projects. Thesis writers read and respond to one another’s writing throughout the year while also reflecting on the purpose behind their own work. Thus each individual thesis is shaped in a dynamic and multi—dimensional environment of critical inquiry that in itself speaks to the ongoing value and relevance of the it fosters values crucial to modern democracy: empathy, imagination, critical debate, and balance between active self-reflection and opening outwards into the world of others. Written under the direction of generous, committed faculty in the School of Humanities, the theses published on this site embody these values even as they make original contributions to urgent conversations currently unfolding in the academy and beyond.