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ICTS Clinical Translational Science Meeting Abstracts

UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) provides a clinical research home to speed up the often slow process that guides scientific discovery to clinical application. We provide a variety of forms of support to researchers along the translational spectrum from basic research to community-based dissemination research and everything in between. Support for clinical trials can include direct funding for pilot studies, processing and storage of biological samples, nursing services, biostatistical and research design consultations, and expert consults in the areas of imaging, community-based research and informatics. We also support education and training in translational research at all levels, from high school students through to post-doctoral students and medical residents.

Telepresence Robots Improve Social Connectedness for Homebound Pediatric Patients


Millions of children and adolescents in the US now live with chronic illnesses such as cancer, immuno-deficiency disorders, and others (Sexson & Madan-Swain, 1993). This has led to a growing population of homebound pediatric patients who are unable to physically attend school, due to symptoms or treatments of their illness, but who are still cognitively able to learn. In our study, we explored the use of telepresence robots by homebound pediatric patients to attend their local schools. In order to explore if this practice may have a positive effect on perceived well-being, we sought to answer the questions: 1) Why are students using these robots? 2) Do they feel happier using the robots? Remaining connected to peers and school community was the primary motivation for students using this technology. Almost all participants reported feeling” happy” or “good” when using the robot.

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