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IDEA is a network of UCLA scholars and students, professionals in schools and public agencies, advocates, community activists, and urban youth. IDEA's mission is to make high quality public schooling and successful college participation routine occurrence in low income neighborhoods of color. Research and advocacy are the tools IDEA uses to empower individuals, build relationships, and create knowledge for civic participation and social change. Linking a great public research university with committed educators and supportive community alliances, IDEA seeks to become the intellectual home of a broad based social movement that challenges the pervasive racial and social class inequalities in Los Angeles and in cities around the nation.

Cover page of Separate and Unequal 50 Years after Brown: California's Racial "Opportunity Gap"

Separate and Unequal 50 Years after Brown: California's Racial "Opportunity Gap"


We commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's promise in Brown v. Board of Education: a public school system "available to all on equal terms.” However, findings from a recent Louis Harris survey of California teachers, together with other evidence presented in this report, make clear that California schools remain both very separate and very unequal.

Cover page of Brown vs. Board of Education Booklet

Brown vs. Board of Education Booklet


This booklet was designed for K-12 classrooms and community groups examining the legacy of Brown v Board for California. The booklet chronicles the national battle for equal schooling up to and since the Brown decision. It also highlights the history of school segregation in California and the ongoing struggle for equal schooling.