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The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) is an Organized Research Unit on the Berkeley Campus of the University of California. The Insitute was formerly known as the Institute of Industrial Relations, and changed its name in spring 2007. IRLE was created by an act of the California Legislature in 1945 to promote research, education, and community service relating to labor, industrial relations, and the workplace. IRLE supports the research activities of an interdisciplinary group of Berkeley faculty and students, and sponsors several faculty-led research centers and community outreach projects. Since its inception, IRLE has emphasized service to external constituencies, including policy makers, unions and their members, human resource managers, workforce populations such as women and immigrants, and community-based researchers throughout California.

Michael Reich, Director
University of California, Berkeley
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
2521 Channing Way, #5555
Berkeley, CA 94720-5555

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