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The Institute of Marine Sciences is composed of 41 affiliated faculty, 62 researchers, specialists, post-doctoral scholars, and project scientists, 100 research associates, and 30 staff. Marine scientists from the departments of Ocean Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Toxicology, and Chemistry & Biochemistry conduct their research under the shared focus of the institute. The Earth and Marine Sciences Building on campus houses the expanding program, with centrally located analytical laboratories, computer facilities, and office space to support research by marine scientists. The Long Marine Laboratory Science Campus is the institute's research facility that provides research pools, running seawater, and office and lab space for scientists whose work requires a closer proximity to the ocean.

Institute of Marine Sciences

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Nudibranch Systematic Index

This is an index of my approximately 6,200 nudibranch reprints and books. I have indexed them only for information concerning systematics, taxonomy, nomenclature, & description of taxa. This list should allow you to quickly find information concerning the description, taxonomy, or systematics of almost any species of nudibranch. The full citation for any of the authors and dates listed may be found in the nudibranch bibliography at

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