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Three Years Later: A Reflection

  • Author(s): Christine, Mark
  • Advisor(s): Donnelly, Kyle
  • et al.

In evaluating my experience at UCSD I find it helpful to begin by reexamining my frame of mind as represented in the personal statement included in my application. In it I referred to the quote by Epictetus that states: "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." I took Epictetus's advice one step further and outlined for myself what exactly it was that I didn't know. As a result, my decision to attend a graduate training program was not based on a desire to "gain technique" in the general, but, rather, guided by a vey specific set of personal goals. The goals outlined in my personal statement included:

- Growing my creative and emotional impulses

- Opening and freeing my speaking voice

- Exploring text in a thorough, educated way, while still allowing creative impulse to flourish and not be overpowered by intellectualism

- Using my athleticism and body awareness to help achieve a higher level of physical expression

- Bettering myself as an actor in multiple disciplines so as to provide myself with the widest breadth of potential career paths possible

Looking back on my time at UCSD I can honestly say that I have achieved every one of these goals. By no means do I feel that my training is done – it is certain to continue until the day I die – but I am incredibly proud of the growth I've made in the past three years. As I make the transition back to the professional world I look forward to the next steps in my creative, emotional, and intellectual journey, and all the questions, goals, and unknowns that lie ahead of me.

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