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Erythematous papular eruption in a 22-month-old boy

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Papular eruption in a 22 month-old boy
Lia C. Keller M.D.
Dermatology Online Journal: Volume 2 Number 1 :5

A 22-month old boy was brought to the University Pediatric Dermatology clinic by his parents for evaluation of a progressive erythematous eruption of 3 weeks duration. The rash was asymptomatic and the child was otherwise well with no history of a preceding fever or upper respiratory tract infection. No other family members were affected. The eruption consisted of erythematous 1-4mm papules over his face, trunk and extremities. The midline area of his chest and abdomen showed only minimal involvement, while the lateral aspects of his trunk were markedly involved and showed coalescence of the papules into raised geographic plaques.
Cervical lymphadenopathy was present. Laboratory evaluation revealed a slight elevation of serum LDH and alkaline phosphatase. The total white blood cell count was normal with a slight lymphocytosis.
A biopsy was taken from an involved area on his trunk.

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