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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Explorations of spin excitations and dynamics in homonuclear and heteronuclear spin-1 atomic gases

  • Author(s): FANG, FANG
  • Advisor(s): Stamper-Kurn, Dan
  • et al.

Ultracold atomic system provides us a versatile platform to address problems ranging from quasi-particle excitations supported by a variety of ground states, to cold collisions which could lead to a precise determination of interatomic molecular potential, and to atomtronics focusing on atomic analogues of electronic components. In this dissertation, I describe our efforts in exploring a wide topic range by our \Rb Bose Einstein condensate (BEC) machine and \Li - \Rb mixture machine, including magnons, which are collective spin excitations supported by Rb F = 1 ferromagnetic BEC ground state, cold elastic collisions between Li and Rb co-trapped in a spherical quadrupole trap, and Li spin dynamics in a spin bath formed by Rb.

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