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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Comparison of SpecSyn and Workbench modeling

  • Author(s): Huang, Chu-Yi
  • et al.

SpecSyn is a system, modeling and synthesis tool designed in University of California, Irvine. Workbench is a commercial system modeling tool of Scientific Engineering Software. SpecSyn is based on Program-State-Machine (PSM) model while Workbench is based on Queuing Network model. In this report, we compare these two models by the feature of modeling a system and the application of these two tools. Two examples, answering machine controller and flash file system, are given to demonstrate the difference of modeling systems using SpecSyn and Workbench. The comparison shows that SpecSyn has more good features and is more suitable in the whole design process than Workbench. Improvements for the weakness of SpecSyn, such as pipeline behavior and queuing mechanism, are proposed to make SpecSyn applicable to wider variety of applications.

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