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(2) Welcome to Dermatology Online Journal


Philip Fleckman M.D. *

Dermatology Online Journal, December 1995
Volume 1, Number 2

Welcome to volume 2 of the Dermatology Online Journal. As we work through and improve the process of World Wide Web publishing, we evolve from a technical demonstration to a more useful clinical resource. The number of images in the Journal has increased; see, for example, the photoessay on Diabetes and the CPC (welcome to Ron Barr as a regular contributor). This is particularly important in the medium of the Web, where the relatively low expense and good quality of images offers more visually oriented information. It is much easier to read a book or journal than to page through the same information on screen. Thus, publishing on the Web can be justified most easily when one takes advantage of the strengths of the medium: flexibility, multiple threads in the same manuscript, rich images, instant feedback from readers, and two-way communication with authors. This is our goal - to pursue the strengths of noncommercial Web publishing while presenting accurate and interesting information to Dermatologists. After all, Dermatology is the most visual of medical specialties. Join us in this venture.

Philip Fleckman MD, Chief Editor
Dermatology Online Journal

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