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“Like in a Dance, We are Disperse Together”: Between the Joy of Autonomy and the Manifestation of Resistance

  • Author(s): Santiago, Veronica
  • Advisor(s): Clancy, Liam
  • et al.

Throughout this document I will articulate the way in which it was possible to conceive “Before the horses crash into the ground and them the ground” I will open a window that will take me to expose some reflections that have been occurring during this process of creation. From the manifestation of the dance-and in particular from the improvisation, and the pre-establishment of scores as places that I inhabit. Associating concepts like ‘resistance’ and ‘autonomy,’ and the inclusion of notions such as ‘presence’ and ‘landscape’ all of them informed and inspired by the language of dreams and poetry. This paper serves me as an excuse to exercise how to narrate: telling stories to exchange the experience of how little by little I have immersed myself in this activity of weaving and re-imagining situations in order to displace concerns, doubts and desires. From the inner space of the body towards the outside, referencing to those landscapes that are indivisible and hidden, using them as a path to reenact movement, acknowledging the ephemeral as a possibility that can make us stay in constant change. Like in a dance. Before the horses crash into the ground and them the ground... is a piece that reflects on the concept of territory —the description of a space— by using complementary bodily approaches: chants, music, percussion, dance. The piece introduces these notions to the audience through the construction of a plural zone, a scenography conceived as an archipelago where every performer has its own autonomy.

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