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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Liable : experiences and views on medical malpractice among OBGYNs and UCSD, a working paper

  • Author(s): Stone, Jordan S.
  • et al.

The purpose of this project is to cut a window in the opaque edifice of medical liability for young and aspiring OBGYNs to peer through. In addition to reviewing a wealth of literature on medical liability, I interviewed a diverse collection of OBGYNs at UCSD about their experiences with and views of medical malpractice. By integrating these narratives with the literature. This paper attempts to capture three perspectives that, I hope, offer greater texture and deeper understanding to young clinicians trying to make sense of medical liability: 1) What it feels like to be sued and the challenges associated with coping on the job; 2) What advice physicians have to avoid being sued (and a note on attorneys); 3) Where our system of medical liability falls short and how it might be improved.

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