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CaSITA - Real-time satellite weather data

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The GOES-R ReBroadcast (GRB) is a powerful data delivery system for NOAA.  Operating at 31 Mbps, which is about 15 times faster the the previous GVAR system, GRB delivers Level 1b and Level 2+ lightning detection products using GOES East and West satellites as relays.  With proper application development, the GRB stream can act as the headwaters to a stream of data products.  In addition to serving as input to national valued-added products, this data stream can be tailored to communities with specific regional and thematic needs.  The near real-time nature of the GRB  stream allows for processing pipelines that can deliver simplified products and notifications for events requiring quick evaluation and response.

The Library is developing a streaming data processing platform that will simplify and consolidate core GOES data product and imagery requirements for the State of California, and to serve as the source of a notification and alert system for California agents.

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CaSITA - Real-time satellite weather data