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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Unique Properties and Reactivity of Electrophilic Metal Centers Supported by Ferrocene Diamide Ligands

  • Author(s): Miller, Kevin L
  • Advisor(s): Kaner, Richard B
  • et al.

The work reported herein represents various studies of group 3 metal complexes supported by ferrocene diamide ligands. Chapter 1 is a brief introduction and survey of relevant literature, and it outlines the reasoning behind the study of these compounds. Chapter 2 details the synthesis of Sc, Y, Lu, and La benzyl complexes supported by a ferrocene diamide ligand, and their reactions with aromatic N-heterocycles. The group 3 metal complexes facilitate an alkyl migration to the N-heterocycles, as well as their dearomatization. Chapter 3 describes the use of these group 3 metal complexes to couple N-heterocycles, specifically two 1-methylbenzimidazole molecules. Furthermore, a second product is also isolated in which one of the imidazole rings has been cleaved. Chapter 4 represents a body of unpublished work, in which group 3 and group 4 metals are used to mediate electron transfer between two ferrocene diamide ligands. Finally, chapter 5 is a study of the effect of different ferrocene diamide ligands on the reactivity of lutetium metal complexes toward aromatic N-heterocycles.

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