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In Situ Δ ~ The Embodied Search: Creating Zones of Indetermination


A strange form of sustenance can be derived from the profusion of networked social interactions and operations, yet the resulting condition also reveals a certain poverty in our relationship to nature, our bodies, and to other bodies. In this milieu, digitally mediated systems are simultaneously enabling and disabling in regards to the human body. The contours, exchanges, and outcomes of this reciprocity are as complex as the mitigating technologies which impact and alter the physiological and psychological dimensions of our contemporary existence.

At the same time, emergent and organic multiplicities of beings proliferate within a very real material system composed of silicon, plastic, metals, energy, and ideas. In the given example, In Situ Δ ~ The Embodied Search, the viewer searches through nature by way of their proximity to a given milieu. Instead of the disembodied intellect being the agent of the search, the body is the agent of the search. By transposing the body onto the place of the intellect, the author explores embodied influence as a form of ontological polymorphism, and as a means to address intensities of bodies, space, time, and materiality through the creation of zones of indetermination and fields of affective influence.

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