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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Mismatching integration-enabled strains and defects engineering in LDH microstructure for high-rate and long-life charge storage.

  • Author(s): Guo, Wei;
  • Dun, Chaochao;
  • Yu, Chang;
  • Song, Xuedan;
  • Yang, Feipeng;
  • Kuang, Wenzheng;
  • Xie, Yuanyang;
  • Li, Shaofeng;
  • Wang, Zhao;
  • Yu, Jinhe;
  • Fu, Guosheng;
  • Guo, Jinghua;
  • Marcus, Matthew A;
  • Urban, Jeffrey J;
  • Zhang, Qiuyu;
  • Qiu, Jieshan
  • et al.

Layered double hydroxides (LDH) have been extensively investigated for charge storage, however, their development is hampered by the sluggish reaction dynamics. Herein, triggered by mismatching integration of Mn sites, we configured wrinkled Mn/NiCo-LDH with strains and defects, where promoted mass & charge transport behaviors were realized. The well-tailored Mn/NiCo-LDH displays a capacity up to 518 C g-1 (1 A g-1), a remarkable rate performance (78%@100 A g-1) and a long cycle life (without capacity decay after 10,000 cycles). We clarified that the moderate electron transfer between the released Mn species and Co2+ serves as the pre-step, while the compressive strain induces structural deformation with promoted reaction dynamics. Theoretical and operando investigations further demonstrate that the Mn sites boost ion adsorption/transport and electron transfer, and the Mn-induced effect remains active after multiple charge/discharge processes. This contribution provides some insights for controllable structure design and modulation toward high-efficient energy storage.

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