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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Live Cell Interferometry: A Novel Quantitative Phase Imaging Technique for Rapid Characterizations of Tumor Heterogeneity, Drug Resistance, Cell Fates and Biophysical Properties

  • Author(s): Huang, Dian
  • Advisor(s): Teitell, Michael A
  • et al.

Cell mass is an important biophysical property that provides a crucial link between external physical measurements and internal cellular processes such as cell cycle progression, division, differentiation and cell death. Advancements in quantitative phase imaging (QPI) techniques have enabled many in-depth studies of cell mass in the context of basic and translational research. This thesis describes the development and implementation of live cell interferometry (LCI) as a novel QPI technique that is high speed, high throughput, precise and label-free. It was validated as a powerful tool in dissecting tumor heterogeneity and drug resistance in patient derived melanoma cell lines. LCI analysis of cell fate in response to mitotic inhibitors provided valuable insights in cancer drug development and dose selection. Furthermore, it was utilized to characterize many other biophysical responses in fundamental research such as cardiomyocyte hypertrophy in cardiac wound healing responses. These studies showcased the unique capabilities and advantages of LCI in applications from bench to bedside.

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