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Identifying Unseen Faults for Smart Buildings by Incorporating Expert Knowledge with Data


Thanks to the development of sensor networks and information technology, data-driven fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) is getting more and more popular with rich data. In the building FDD field, mature supervised learning algorithms and strategies have been applied to detect and diagnose known faults. However, it is out of the question to collect labeled training data for every possible fault. Thus, there is a necessity to study FDD when the training data for some faults are unavailable. To the authors' best knowledge, few works have reported how to identify "unseen faults." In this paper, authors propose a novel expert knowledge-based unseen fault identification (EK-UFI) method to identify unseen faults by employing the similarities between known faults and unknown faults. The similarity is captured by incorporating essential expert knowledge that is encoded in the fault gene matrix. The fault gene is integrated with a latent incorporation matrix that transfers knowledge from known faults to unseen faults. With application to a real system, the proposed method is proven to be effective in identifying various building unknown faults with a high accuracy.

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