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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Cloud Interface for LiveHD

  • Author(s): Jobanputra, Rohan
  • Advisor(s): Renau, Jose
  • et al.

There is an increasing demand in the world of cloud computing and for good reason. Cloud computing has opened up a world of possibilities including easy web hosting, fast computation, and the ability to store unlimited data on the cloud. Gone are the days where a user would have to buy expensive hardware to meet their computing needs.

LiveHD is an open-source framework designed for fast simulation and synthesis. It supports multiple hardware description languages such as Verilog and Pyrope. It also supports other open-source tools such as Yosys, ABC, OpenTimer, and Mockturtle.

My small contribution to the project was to figure out a way to use the power of cloud computing to produce these simulation and synthesis results. There is a promising open-source tool called \textit{gg}, which is being developed by Stanford University. This tool makes it easy to build and run applications on the cloud, so it would make sense to use gg with LiveHD. This process of integration will be discussed in this thesis.

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