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Astrobotics - Automated Single Slot Computer Chip Tester


Abstract: Astrobotics offers a modern solution to the modern problem faced by semiconductor manufacturers. The new system, called the Automated Single Slot Tester, consists of a new robot assembly called the Astrobot, a workstation, two JEDEC tray housings, and Advantest’s proprietary single slot tester. The Astrobot is an innovation that stems from the widely used FANUC robot. At the moment, FANUC robots are used to automate many tasks in the manufacturing industry, including assembly, CNC, machining, spot welding, picking, and packing. Advantest, the sponsor company, realizes the potential of the FANUC robots in automating the chip testing process, thus eliminating the tedious manual labor and improving efficiency. By making modifications to the already existent FANUC robot, our team aims to create a new system that can revolutionize the semiconductor industry. The new Astrobot can accelerate the chip-testing process by using the robot to pick up each chip, place them in the tray, then organize them into passing and failing trays. With all the manual labor automated by the Astrobot, the SST can test up to 100 chips per hour, making the process twice as fast.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Vince McDonnell

Dr. Farzad Ahmadkhanlou

Company Liaisons: Jesse Gillespie

Lee Wu

Susan Moran

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